Alpe d'Huez 2022

In solidarity with all the victims

Get involved

Yes we did it

Without knowing you suddenly fall down a black hole…

financially, physically and psychologically …struggling to find the right rope to get out of it 

While some will find quite quickly the capacity to rebound, many others won’t, their healing pathway looking like a long road into the desert .

On the 5th anniversary of the Paris, Brussels & Nice attacks and twenty years after 9/11… elevensurvivors of worldwide Terror Attacks climbed Mont-Ventoux on July 6 to underline just how hard itis « to get back on track ,«  launching a call to international solidarity on

Togetherstronger is the story of our hearts - where we all come from … 

hearts in solidarity with the sudden horror of terror and its awful devastating consequences for each victim .

In this 20th commemoration year of 9/11;  through these four stories of survivors of Paris, Brussels, New York in the documentary  "BACK ON TRACK"  and  the beautiful video clip of Heroes by Ozark Henry, we wish all hearts worldwide to be in solidarity with any and all victims of Terrorism.

Let us be united… more than ever … and invite a maximum of our relations to open up their hearts in full solidarity with all victims of 

Terrorism ,and to give generously  so…togetherstronger

From all our hearts, a deep thank you

#alpe d'huez 2022